Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I Don DeLillo-kalkunen Cosmopolis (2003) møder den unge multi-billionær Eric Packer på side 199 sin morder Benno Levin og man finder følgende tekstbid, noget som må være litteraturens svar på en punkteret sufflé:

He wanted to say something. The wind blew through again, stronger now, stirring the dust of these toppled walls. There was something intriguing in the sound, wind indoors, the edge of something, the feel of something unprotected, an inside-outness, papers blowing through the halls, the door banging neatly shut, then swinging out again.
He said, "My prostate is asymmetrical."
His voice was barely audible. There was a pause that lasted half a minute. He felt the subject regard him carefully, the other. There was a sense of warmth, of human involvement.
"So is mine," Benno whispered.


Susanne said...
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Susanne said...

En 12-siders anmeldelse af DeLillos "Cosmopolis" (eksamensopgave skrevet høsten 2004) kan bestilles hos undertegnede.