Monday, July 10, 2006

No, the concept of art must replace the degenerate concept of capital. Art is really tangible capital, and people need to become aware of this. Money and capital cannot be an economic value, capital is human dignity and creativity. And so, in keeping with this, we need to develop a concept of money that allows creativity, or art, so to speak, to be capital. Art is capital. This is not some pipe dream, it is reality. In other words, capital is what art is. Capital is human capacity and what flows from it. So there are only two organs involved here, or two polar relationships: creativity and human intention, from which a product arises. These are the real economic values, nothing else. Money is not.


Det her citat er Joseph Beuys fra en interview-bog What is art?, interviewet (1977) er udført af Volker Harlan som jeg tror både er præst og seriøst engageret i holistisk Rudolf Steiner-filosofi. Beuys taler her om kunst - not as we know it - men udfra 1) at alle er kunstnere og 2) at tegne eller at "trække ting ud af sig" dybest set er noget som påvirker den sociale skulptur. And what is a social sculpture you may ask, well, det har med varmeprocesser at gøre, fx møder man en kold fisk så er sagen klar:

If you bring about something in yourself it only becomes a warmth process once you involve others, and hear from other people about what they do. But this doesn't necessarily have to be a "warmth work". No, this is not a must. Rather one has to let others have the complete freedom to express what they draw out of themselves. It could be ice-cold, but this is something that I just have to deal with. I can't say: Since you are such an ice-cold fish, and I see things differently, I will simply ignore your existence and draw a clear dividing line. Absolutely not. Instead I have to enter right into the midst of this, for only here do you have a perfect warmth issue, only then do things start to be interesting. The rest is only prepa- tory work. That's the field of social sculpture as a new machine,
one could say - as an energy carrier.

Quiz! Er dette citat af
a) Joseph Beuys eller
b) Geir Gulliksen eller
c) Richard Bach?

It is true, Beuys wanted to let the animals speak, sing an upbeat political popsong --------------- and (øh) sell Japanese whiskey!