Thursday, May 06, 2010

-------- SHE'S BACK TO BITE YER ARSE!!! --------

"Obviously, the political task is not to refuse representational politics – as if we could." (1990: 7)

"Within feminist political practice, a radical rethinking of the ontological constructions of identity appears to be necessary in order to formulate a representational politics that might revive feminism on other grounds." (1990: 7)

"The deconstruction of identity is not the deconstruction of politics; rather, it establishes as political the very terms through which identity is articulated." (1990: 203)

"If in some of its guises, poststructuralism appears as a formalism, aloof from questions of social context and political aim, that has not been the case with its more recent American appropriations." (1999: ix)

"Although I would deny that all of the internal world of the psyche is but an effect of a stylized set of acts, I continue to think that it is a significant theoretical mistake to take "internality" of the psychic world for granted." (1999: xvi)

"The writing of this denaturalization was not done simply out of desire to play with language or prescribe theatrical antics in the place of "real" politics, as some critics has conjured (as if theatre and politics are always distinct). It was done from a desire to live, to make life possible, and to rethink the possible as such." (1999: xxi)

------------- Quotes from Judith Butler: Gender Trouble -------------

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