Monday, April 09, 2012

There are some changes to the Audiatur Waste Land program. Firstly: It is not easy for Iranians to travel out of their country these days. The Audiatur workgroup has been hoping to the last minute that Hooshyar Ansarifar and Solmaz Naraghi would be allowed to travel to Bergen, but last week the Norwegian embassy in Teheran denied both of them travel visas. We regret the Norwegian immigration policy and the restrictions it put on our program. We hope it will be possible for the Iranian poets to let their voices be heard in Norway on a later occasion. In the fall an anthology of translations from Persian to Norwegian will be published where both poets are included. Secondly: On Friday night Gunnar Berge will read from his book "Claude X-faktoren" (Forlaget Attåt) at Bergen Kjøtt.