Sunday, May 26, 2013

Far from being a backward phenomena or transitory anomaly, the Berlusconi phenomenon is a sign of things to come, well actually, a time that has already arrived. Over the last few decades, an infrastructure for the engineering of the psychosphere was constituted, one that would modulate public mood and produce opinion, but above all, sociability of the new generation, who were induced to mistake the uninterrupted flow of television for "the world."

Franco "Bifo" Berardi fra After the Future, 2011. I en norsk tv-reklame knyttes noget så uskyldigt som vand sammen med en tvangskreativ LOL-generation som alle kører rundt på segways iført barokparykker eller driver rundt i en pool, spiser is og skal bygge nationen, lizm. I dunno? Måske læse After the Future og Berardis post-futuristiske manifest fra 2009.

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