Saturday, September 09, 2017

And then there’s “Jumbo,” one of the two or three most affecting tracks in their entire catalog. It’s as fast as anything on the album, fueled by crisp, snapping drums and a spring-loaded bassline, yet it feels like falling upward through clouds, like a midsummer snowstorm. It’s here that they truly made good on the immersive, otherworldly potential that always inhabited their music; it’s here that they outdid themselves as makers of extroverted music for introverts, of rave anthems for people happiest alone in their heads.

I slutningen af august omtalte Pitchfork Underworlds album fra 1999 Beaucoup Fish. De elsker "Jumbo" naturligvis, og det gjorde jeg også engang. "Jumbo" fik mig blandt andet til at skrive flowy prosadigte om kønsforvirrede fisketure. En anden sang fra den tid er Boards of Canada "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" som jeg brugte som soundtrack til oplæsninger.