Sunday, January 02, 2005

Fundamentalisms of the new order. Her kan man endelig få fingre i den essaysamling som skulle følge udstillingen Fundamentalisms of the new order, en udstilling som var at finde på Charlottenborg sommeren 2002. Jeg gemmer stadig på en lille rød skumgummimand som jeg befriede fra denne installation:

"[...] Serkan Ozkaya's piece Proletarier aller Länder, that consisted of thousands of foam rubber figures about ten centimeters high spreading out over the stairs up which one enters the Charlottenborg galleries. The audience was forced to enter into a violent relationship with the proletarians and physically tread them down. The little red people would rise again, however, due to the flexibility of the material. At the end of the exhibition period, the scotch tape which had kept the figures in place was finally worn down by shuffling feet and resulted in "dead" proles scattered all over the floors."

Uddrag fra kurator Lars Bang Larsens tekst.

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Susanne said...

Lars Bang Larsen, rings a bell? Yep, kurator for Populisme he is too.