Thursday, February 18, 2010

There's no escape from Patti. She's so high you can't get over her. She's so low you can't get under her. She's so wide you can't get around her. If you make your bed in heaven she's there. If you make your bed in hell she's there. She's everywhere. Woo! Help me somebody


Susanne said...

Man noterer sig en forskel i toneleje. Smiths højstemte prosa i Just Kids og de nøgterne og sladrevorne stemmer i Please Kill Me: The Uncensored (sic) Oral History of Punk. Hvad er det man siger, truth lies in between?

Mange af de samme scener med Smith og Mapplethorpe endevendes i Please Kill Me, men med et mindre romantiserende filter lagt over begivenhederne. Også Smiths stemme virker mere rå og nøgtern hér, bl.a. siger hun:

" ... but there's a certain kind of poetry that's performance poetry. It's like the American Indians weren't writing conscious poetry. They were making chants, they were making ritual language - and the language of ritual is the language of the moment.
But as far as being frozen on a piece of paper - they weren't inspiring. You can do anything you want as long as you're a great performer, you know, you can repeat a word over and over and over, just as long as you're a fantastic performer. I mean, Billy Graham is a great performer, even though he is a hunk of shit. Adolf Hitler was a fantastic performer. He was a black magician. And I learned from that. You can seduce people into mass consciousness.
So I write to have somebody. Everything I write has a motive behind it. I write the same way I perform. I mean you only perform because you want people to fall in love with you. You want them to react to you.
The other thing is that through performance, I reach such states, in which my brain feels so open - so full of light, it feels huge, it feels as big as the Empire State Building - and if I can develop a communication with an audience, a bunch of people, when my brain is that big and receptive, imagine the energy and the intelligence and all the things I can steal from them." (s. 161)

HPL said...

Fikk litt David Byrne-følelse av sitatet ditt, men det var vel tilsiktet?

Susanne said...

Det er vel lidt mere end en følelse? Den lille doodle er en omskrivning af Byrne & Enos "Help Me Somebody" på fantastiske My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981) som alle skulle tage og lytte til på Spotify right now.