Sunday, April 04, 2010

Paolo approached the platform and crossed the white line that kept the public from approaching the knife ladders. Abramović leaned down to embrace him and they whispered to each other. I transcriped this part, and put it under the heading "Breaking the rules," but it was discretely edited out from the 145-page "transcript" that appeared in the book --------------- James Westcott transkriberer Abramovićs performance The House with the Ocean View

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Susanne said...

The House with the Ocean View

Marina Abramovic
Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

Description: For 12 days in November 2002, Marina Abramovic lived on three open platforms in the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. She did not eat or speak, nor did have any privacy: the rooms were open and spectators were even invited to observe the artist through a high-powered telescope. She had no escape: the ladders leaning against bedroom, sitting room and bathroom had rungs made of large butcher knives.