Thursday, October 21, 2010

My mom took me to a Clash concert. People kept saying it was a Patti Smith concert, but it wasn't. That's where I met [Slits drummer] Palmolive. She had a little earring made out of a little pig, and she looked out of this world with her spiky hair and her motorbike boots and her tiny little mini. She just looked crazy. She knew that I was Nora's daughter, and Nora was everybody's mom at that time. All the punk people had a sanctuary with her. My mother kept a sanctuary for us few people: our little circle, us against the world, the world against us. Palmolive just came up to me and said, "Let's do an all-girl band. Can you sing? Come tomorrow to rehearsal." And the Slits were made the next day --------------- mere her.

RIP Ari Up of the Slits --------------- her + her + her + her + her