Thursday, December 16, 2010


"To break their silence?" Andersen suggested.
"Yeah, to break their silence," Kathleen allowed. She went on: "I'm really interested in a punk rock movement - an angry girl movement - of sexual abuse survivors ... I seriously believe it's the majority of people in this country have stories to tell that they aren't telling for some reason. I mean, with all that energy and anger, if we could unify it in some way - "
She trailed off. Her voice had been the loudest voice on the tape during the whole interview, but now it deminished to a whisper. It's easy to imagine her looking down at her hands, overcome with the intensity of her vision.

Kathleen Hanna i 1991. Fra Girls to the Front af Sara Marcus. Her fortæller Hanna lidt om Kurt & teen spirit og etc.


HPL said...

Har akkurat lest den. Spennende bok!

Susanne said...

Ja, jeg synes den er vældig godt skrevet faktisk ... bedre end denne. Forfatteren har draget god nytte af Kathleen Hanna-arkiverne, tror jeg.

Susanne said...

Jeg kan ikke se denne i Tyskland (f***!), men her forenes ellers denne blogs to epigraf-forfattere, Moore og Hanna, in a bit of a fist fight.